<p>PromOat<sup>®</sup> Beta Glucan combines the well-recognised health benefits of oats with exceptional functionality and consumer appeal.</p>             

Evidence indicates that diets high in certain fibres such as oat beta glucan are associated with many potential health benefits.

PromOat® Beta Glucan is a gently produced, natural component of wholegrain Swedish oats with superior solubility.* Using it in your formulations enables you to develop products with potential health-benefit claims and various functional benefits.

  • Oat beta-glucan helps maintain healthy blood cholesterol
  • Contains beta glucan content as high as 35%
  • Delivers a clean taste without grittiness, offering excellent performance in a broad range of products
  • Imparts a creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture
  • Has wide application potential
*Amongst leading oat beta glucan suppliers. Regulations on claims and labelling vary by country. Please consult your regulatory department.
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